MCQs on Sterilization, Culture Media and Techniques for Staff Nurse and Medical Exams

1. The medium used in membrane filter technique was
a. EMB agar
b. EMR-Vp medium
c. Lactose broth
d. Endo agar

2. Lysol is a
a. Sterilent
b. Disinfectant
c. Antiseptic
d. Antifungal agent

3. Which of the following is a neutral stain?
a. Picric acid
b. Gmiemsa
c. Neutral red
d. Malachite green

4. Peptone water medium is an example for
a. Synthetic medium
b. Semisynthetic medium
c. Differential medium
d. None of these

5. The method in which the cells are frozen dehydrated is called
a. Pasteurization
b. Dessication
c. Disinfection
d. Lypophilization

6. The technique used to avoid all microorganisms is accomplished by
a. Sterlization
b. Disinfection
c. Surgical sterilization
d. Disinfection Sterilization

7. Thermal death time is
a. Time required to kill all cells at a given temperature
b. Temperature that kills all cells in a given time
c. Time and temperature needed to kill all cells
d. All of the above

8. A culture medium the exact composition of which is not known was called as
a. Simple
b. Complex
c. Defined
d. Natural

9. Elek’s gel diffusion test is used for the detection of
a. Tetani toxin
b. Cholera toxin
c. Diophtheria toxin
d. Toxoid

10. Temperature required for pasteurization is
a. Above 150oC
b. Below 100oC
c. 110oC
d. None of these

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