English Question Test Series Part 2

1.Choose the correct answer for "Did you go to the college yesterday?"
a. Yes, I went
b. Yes, I did
c. Yes, I do
d. No, I do not

2.Which of the following is correct feminine gender of "Negro"
a. Maid Negro
b. Negroine
c. Negress
d. Negro

3. Choose correct synonym for 'Triumph'
a. Tower
b. Trifle
c. Victory
d. Refer

4. Write Antonym for ' Borrow'
a. Take
b. Lend
c. Accept
d. None of these

5. One word for " Alist of names of book is."
a. Biography
b. Autobiography
c. Catalogue
d. Analogue

6. Choose correct Proverb of "Part and parcel"
a. Useless party
b. Important party
c. Heavy package
d. Essential part

7. Sound produced by 'Horse' is-
a. Neigh
b. Hoot
c. Hum
d. Yelp

8. Choose correct number of Mouse
a. Mouses
b. Mice
c. Mices
d. Misses

9. The Feminine Gender of word 'Beloved' is
a. She-Beloved
b. Maid-Beloved
c. Female-Beloved
d. Beloved

10. Choose the word synonym to word 'Novice'.
a. Countless
b. Calm
c. Verbal
d. Trainee

11. Necessity Knows...........
a. Nothing
b. No formality
c. Everything
d. No law

12. When the word 'Active' is changed into NOUN, it becomes
a. Act
b. Action
c. Activate
d. Activity

13. The sentences 'We had not reached the college before it stopped raining' belongs to
a. Past indefinite tense
b. Past perfect tense
c. Past continuous tense
d. Past perfect continuous tense

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