English Question Test Series Part 3

1. One who likes to spend time with others:
a. Introvert
b. Extraordinary
c. Extrovert
d. Misologist

2. A life story of a person written by another person:
a. Essay
b. Story
c. Autobiography
d. Biography

3. Allowance due to a wife from her husband on legal separation:
a. Debt
b. Alimony
c. Compensation
d. Damages

4. To free a person from charge or blame:
a. Inculpate
b. Excilpate
c. Inculcate
d. Circumvent

5. Government by priests or government which has its state religion:
a. Aristocracy
b. Oligarchy
c. Sacerdotal
d. Theocracy

6. Fear of closed spaces:
a. Claustrophobia
b. Agoraphobia
c. Hallucination
d. Obsession

7. A disease which spreads by contact:
a. Infections
b. Contagious
c. Contiguous
d. Contextual

8. To give one's authority to others:
a. Intimidate
b. Delegate
c. Abdicate
d. Desecrate

9. That which cannot be cured:
a. Indivisible
b. Incorrigible
c. Incurable
d. Invincible

10. Through which light cannot pass:
a. Opaque
b. Dark
c. Dull
d. Obscure

11. Fear of open spaces:
a. Obsession
b. Agoraphobia
c. Hallucinatio
d. Somnambulism

12. An uncivilised person is called:
a. Altruist
b. Barbarian
c. Audacious
d. Lascicious

13. A liquid for drinking is:
a. Beverage
b. Coast
c. Cardiac
d. Classic

14. The art of shooting arrows is:
a. Apiary
b. Archery
c. Anthology
d. Astronomy

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