English Question Test Series Part 4

1. She said,"welcome" Turn into indirect speech.
a. She told welcome.
b. She said that welcome.
c. She welcomed me.
d. She received us with welcome.

2. She said,"how lovely the house is - Change into indirect speech.
a. She said that the house is lovely.
b. She said that house in beautiful.
c. She told that the house in lovely.
d. She remarked that house was very lovely.

3. The Price of gold has ........... recently. Fill the space?
a. get at
b. fall out
c. drop in
d. fallen off

4. Choose one of the following sentences, the right one.
a. I will return this book after five days.
b. I will return this book on the expiry of five days.
c. I will return this book in about five days.
d. I will return this book in five days.

5. Choose the right sentence.
a. He gave me a chair to sit.
b. He gave me a chair to sit up.
c. He gave me a chair for sit.
d. He gave me a chair to sit on.

6. Give plural of "Relief"
a. Relieves
b. Relifs
c. Reliefs
d. Releifs

7. Plural of M.P. is
a. M.P.'s
b. M.P.S
c. M.P.es
d. M.Pies

8. A Park where many kinds of animals are kept for show.
a. cattle fair
b. Herd
c. Zoo
d. Exhibition Park

9. A large field for aero plans - Choose the suitable.
a. Airport
b. Airbase
c. Aerodrome
d. Airpad

10. "Crocodile tears" - Choose the exact meaning of this idiom.
a. A difficult task
b. An easy task
c. A very happy mood
d. Sings of sorrow that are insincere.

11. Black and white ........... Choose exact meaning of this (idiom)
a. Visible
b. Dullard
c. Deaf and Dumb
d. In writing

12. Give the feminine gender of Inspector
a. Lady Inspector
b. Inspector
c. Inspectoress
d. Mrs. Inspector

13. He talks as if he ............ mad.
a. was
b. is
c. were
d. has been

14. As silent as ...............
a. dead
b. statue
c. midnight
d. rock

15. The cry monkey is called
a. hoot
b. chatter
c. neigh
d. bray

16. Prices .......... during the war.
a. Sore
b. Soar
c. Sour
d. Sear

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