English Question Test Series Part 5

1. Fair and square means
a. Just and honest
b. An obvious conclusion
c. Rare
d. A dilatory policy

2. Choose the correct word "A person who writes with both hands?"
a. Arbitrium
b. Dulux
c. Duopathy
d. Adeuxtrous

3. Choose the correct change of number of the given word- "index"
a. Indexes
b. Indices
c. Indexii
d. Indexis

4. A person who brings an action at law
a. Plaintiff
b. Litigant
c. Deponant
d. Defendant

5. Large scale departure of people.
a. Migration
b. Immigration
c. Emigration
d. Exodus

6. A government by the nobles.
a. Democracy
b. Bureaucracy
c. Autocracy
d. Aristocracy

7. The place where public, government or historical records are kept
a. Coffer
b. Pantry
c. Scullery
d. Archives

8. A lover of books
a. Authoire
b. Biblophile
c. Book-worm
d. Literate

9. To send an unwanted person out of the country
a. Exclude
b. Ostracise
c. Deport
d. Expatriate

10. Billings Gate (IDIOM/PHRASE)
a. A big gate
b. A fish market
c. A building
d. A palace

11. Cap In Hand
a. To remain poor
b. Humbly
c. To feel guilty
d. To wear no cap

12. At the first blush
a. A good gesture
b. For the first time
c. The first scene
d. The first sentence

13. Forty Winks
a. A long sleep
b. A long rest
c. A brief sleep
d. A quiet evening

14. To Chew The Cud
a. To chew something soft
b. To take liquid
c. To waste time
d. To reflect

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