The Brahmaputra River- Yarlung Tsangpo

The Brahmaputra River- Yarlung Tsangpo
Brahmaputra river
The Brahmaputra river is one of the major rivers of Asia. Originatting from the glaciers lying to the east of the Mansarovar Lake,at elevation of 5150 m. The Brahmaputra is known as the Tsangpo in Tibet.It passes the Dihang-Gorge in the Arunachal Pradesh.At Sadiya the river comes down to 135 m above sea level.The river flows to the west in Assam upto Dhubri . It takes a sharp southward bend to enter into Bangladesh.

The catchment area of the Brahmaputra receives heavy rainfall.It has numerous tributaries on its both banks and most of the tributaries pour large quantity of sediment and water into the river.The largest river island Majuli in Asia, lies in this river which is bounded by the Lakhimpur District in the north and the Jorhat District in the south .The river basin is well known for flooding and river bank erosion. The floods affect on average,an area of 100,000 hec yearlly. Below Pasighat, Brahmaputra draws a number od tributaries such as Kameng,Manasarver,Subansiri,Bhareli,Sankos,Teesta,Jaldhaka,Beki and Raidak on its right bank. The Dihang ,Burhi Dihang and Lohit are from the east, and Dhansiri,Kalang and Kapili are the left bank tributaries.

Rangit river : The Rangit is originating from  Sikkim and it has a large number of rapids. This river is well known for the rafting sports . Its banks provide good camping grounds.

The Sankosh : The Sankosh is the main river of Bhutan. It meets Brahmaputra below Dhubri.

The Subansiri :  This is a large tributary of the Brhmaputra River. It separates the Miri Hills from the Abor Hills.

The Dhansiri : The Dhansiri river rises from the Naga Hills and after flowing for about 300 km through Nagaon.

The Barak River : This river rises from Mt.Japov (Nagaland),flows southwards in Manipur and makes a hair pin bend. Several of its affluents, which drain the noerthen part of Mizoram, combine toghter to flow past Silchar in the Cachar District . The Barak basin has Mawsynram and Cherrapunji which receive the highest rainfall in the world.It flows to Bangladesh where it is called as Surma. The Barak river meets the Padma at Chandpur below Dacca, after which the combined river Surma and Padma is known as Medgna.

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