Use of M3 EVMs in Nizamabad, Telangana may make Guinness World Records

The Election Commission of India has decide to use M3 EVM machine in Nizamabad Parilamentary Constituency of the Telangana.  The Nizamabad Lok Sabha constituency, where polling was underway today along with 16 other constituencies in Telangana, may make it the Guinness World Records for the maximum number of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) used.

With 185 candidates, a majority of them farmers, entering the fray, the Election Commission is using 12 EVMs in each polling station.

Use of M3 EVMs in Nizamabad, Telangana may make Guinness World Records

Nizamabad not only created the record for the highest number of candidates but also became the first constituency in the country to witness polling with EVMs for such a large number of candidates.

Unlike the normal arrangement of linking one or maximum four EVMs with one control unit in each booth, 12 EVMs were linked to one control unit in each of the 1,778 polling centres in Nizamabad.

The EVMs of M3 version were arranged in 'L' shape with each machine carrying a maximum of 16 names.

As many as 178 farmers filed the nominations to highlight the demand for remunerative prices for turmeric and red jowar, posing a challenge for the Election Commission.

With 185 candidates in the fray, it was thought the Election Commission will have to go for ballot papers as a normal EVM can accommodate a maximum of 64 names.

However, the poll panel decided to use the EVMs with latest technology developed by the Electronics Corp of India Ltd (ECIL). The public-sector company was asked to immediately supply 26,820 EVMs, 2,240 control units and 2,600 VVPATs of M3 make.

What is M3 EVM ?

M3 EVMs are the third generation EVMs. The M3 EVMs can keep data of 384 candidates. M3 EVMS also has added features like Tamper Detection and Self Diagnostics. The tamper detection feature makes an EVM inoperative the moment anyone tries to open the machine. The Self diagnostic feature checks the EVM fully every time it is switched on. Any change in its hardware or software will be detected.


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