Rivers of Himachal Pradesh (Water bodies)

Himachal Pradesh is a major source of water for Indus and Ganga river basins. Some of major drainage systems of the region are Chandrabhaga (Chenab), Ravi, Beas, Satluj and Yamuna. All of these rivers are fed by snow, rainfall and have good amount of water all year round. Following is a list of some major rivers in Himachal Pradesh :

Rivers of Himachal Pradesh (Water bodies)

Beas River

beas river photos
Bear River

What is the Vedic Name of Beas River?

Answer: Arjikiya

What is the Sanskrit Name of Beas River?

Answer: Vipasa

Origin of Beas River:

Beas River originated from Beas Kund in Pir Panjal Range near Rohtang Pass (3978 metres) in Kullu District.

Which are the main tributaries of Beas River?

Parbati, Hurla,Sainj, Uhl, Suketi, Luni Banganga, Binwa, Chakki, Gaj, Neugal, Dehar

Salient Features:

  • It flows 256 kilometers in Himaxchal Pradesh
  • Catchment area of Beas River in Himachal is 1200 Sqkm
  • Beas River enters Mandi district at Bajaura and leaves Mandi at Sandhol to enter in Kangra Distict.
  • Beas River flows from east to west between Indora and Mirthal
  • Beas River enters Punjab at Mirthal in Kangra District.
  • Beas River Merges into river Satluj at Hari ka Pattan ( Wet Land) in Ferozpur Distt. of Punjab.

Chenab River

chenab river photos
Chenab River

What is the Vedic Name of Chenab River?

Answer: Askni

What is the Sanskrit Name of Chenab River?

Answer: Chandra Bhaga

Origin of Chenab River:

Chenab River formed by the confluence of Chandra and Bhaga streams at Tandi ( In Lahaul) which arises from the opposite sides of Baralacha Pass

Which are the main tributaries of Chenab?

Miyar Nullah, Saicher Nullah

Salient Features:

  • Chenab River flows 122 km in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Catchment Area of Chenab River in H.P is 7500 km.
  • Chenab River enters Pangi Valley of Distt. Chamba at Bhujind.
  • Chenab River leaves Distt Chamba at Sansari Nala to enter Podar Valley of Kashmir.
  • Chenab River is the largest river of Himachal in terms of volume of water.

Ravi River:

What is the Vedic Name of Ravi River?
ravi river photos
Ravi River

Answer: Purushni

What is the Sanskrit Name of Ravi River?

Answer: Iravati

Origin of Ravi River:

Ravi river rises in Bara Banghal (Kangra) as joint stream formed by glacier fed Bhadal and Tantgiri.

What are the tributaries of Ravi River?

Bhadal , Siul, Baira, Tantgiri, Chirchind Nullah

Salient Features:

  • Ravi River flows 158 km in Himachal
  • Catchment area of Ravi River in Himachal is 5451 Sqkm
  • Alexander The Great alled it hydraster or Rhouadis.
  • Chamba town lies on the bank of Ravi River.
  • Ravi River leaves Chamba at Kheri to enter Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Ravi River merges with Chenab in Pakistan.
  • Ravi River seperates PirPanjal Range from Dhauldhar Range.

Satluj River:

satluj river in himachal
Satluj River

What is the Vedic Name of Satluj River?

Answer: Saturdi

What is the Sanskrit Name of Satluj River?

Answer: Shatadru

Origin of Satluj River:

Satluj River rises from Rakastal near Man Sarovar lake in Tibet as Logcheew Khabab River.

What are the tributaries of Satluj River?

Baspa, Spiti, Nagli, Solan

Salient Features:

  • Satluj River flows 320 km in Himachal.
  • Satluj River is the longest river in Himachal Pdesh
  • Satluj River catchment area in H.P. is 20000 Sqkm.
  • Satluj River enters Himachal at Shipki La pass ( 6608 mts) in Kinnaur District.
  • Satluj River enters Bilaspur at Kasol and leaves near Neila.
  • Satluj River enters Distt Shimla at Chaura
  • Satluj River leaves Himachal at Bhakhra to enter Punjab.
  • Asia's Highest Gravity Dam was constructed in Satluj River in 1963.
  • Largest Artificial lake Gobind Sagar (168sqkm) is on this river.

Yamuna River:

yamuna river in himachal What is the Vedic Name of Yamuna River?

Answer: Kalindi

Origin of Yamuna River:

from Yamunotri in Garhwal Hills of Uttrakhand.

What are the tributaries of Yamuna River?

Tons, Pabbar, Giri, Andhra, Bata, Jalal

Salient Features:

  • Yamuna River is the shortest river of himachal Pradesh
  • Catchment area of Yamuna River in Himachal is 2320 sqkm.
  • Yamuna enters HP at Khadar Majri in Distt. Sirmour.
  • Yamuna is the easternmost river of Himachal.
  • Yamuna has mythical relation to the "Sun".
  • Yamuna is the largest tributary of Ganga River.
  • Yamuna enters at H.P at Tajewala in Sirmour and enters Haryana.  

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